THE PLASTICS have released their brand new single STEREO KIDS to radio stations nationwide. Originally recorded on their debut album, Shark, Stereo Kids was recently re-recorded in a new form by The Plastics at Dreamspace Recording Studio in Woodstock – adding them to the ranks of Ard Matthews, Locnville, Gazelle and many more who have previously recorded there.

“The new version of Stereo Kids captures a lot of what we’re trying to do as a band at the moment. It shows the dance element of our band. Nothing makes us happier than when we play to a crowd and everyone is moving and grooving!”

After playing their first acoustic set in December 2010, The Plastics decided to reinvent some of their songs. Stereo Kids was one of the tracks which stood out as they unwittingly transformed it from its original dark, ominous form into a more ambient dance track.

“It evokes a different feeling than the one on Shark. For the Shark version, our producer Gordon Raphael went to town on making it sound like an apocalyptic dance. It’s quite eerie and dark but still has a groove threaded throughout. The new version has a more laid back vocal delivery while still maintaining a bouncy more up tempo feel.”

Listen to STEREO KIDS on SoundCloud here.

The Plastics’ latest music video for Caroline, which was released in August this year, reached number four on the MK Top 10 Music Videos Chart. The Plastics were also recently chosen as one of the bands to take part in a Woolworths campaign entitled ‘Roll with the Band’. The campaign was featured online on the Woolworths, MK and Vuzu Facebook pages and the advertisements were screened on South African television on MK as well as VUZU TV.

The band is currently recording at Dreamspace Recording Studios as part of the production of their second album, set for release in 2012.

Image: Lauren Waller

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