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Editor: Jeanne Mackenzie

Jeanne is the editor of YCLAD Magazine. She’s addicted to music, adventure, GnT’s and anything with a high waist. She pretty much lives her life from one experience to the next. Follow her on Instagram @jeannesadventures.

Women Who Wine co-contributor: Hayley Venter neé Clay

*Disclaimer: We’re no wine experts but just a couple of broads that enjoy a glass and enjoy sharing our faves. We’re sure we’ll learn much more about wine through this process but for now we’re just wine lovers who love to share our favourite wines and wine-tasting experiences. Follow @womenwhowineza on Instagram.

Past Contributors:

Jo-Anne King

Jo can’t answer the “what do you do” question simply. She’s a copy editor who runs an events guide in a popular magazine, but she’s also a cajon-thumper, flamenco dancer, and party animal. She’s obsessed with folk music and manages alternative-folk musician Shotgun Tori. She uses the term “manage” loosely. Follow her on Twitter: @JOisKING

Jade Scully

Jade Ashton Scully loves all things music, fashion and furry-faced (not beards, animals!) She contributes regularly to CT’s local music guide Your LMG, the design showcase blog Between 10and5 and is the befuzzled editor of Yclad’s fashion section. She also designs and creates Poofums. She likes to edit things. Almost all things. For some kookiness – @PuddleJumpBoots.

Laura Windvogel

Laura Windvogel is a Cape Town based designer, stylist and vintage purveyor. She has a degree in Art History and Dutch which has proved to be pretty useless but entertaining none the less. Follow her on Twitter @Deardorothy and on Tumblr

Chantelle Ova

Free-spirited PR professional. She loves people and writing. She works hard but plays harder. Music gets her through life. Check out her personal blog, Ovashare or follow her on twitter: @Ova_Joyed.

Grace Kadzere

Grace Kadzere is an avid horseback rider who enjoys writing about the Johannesburg scenery, where she is based. Fashion, food, art and a bit of sports gets her creative juices flowing. Follow her on Twitter @GraceKadzere.

Gabriella Chelini

Gabriella Chelini is a corporate blogger & e-commerce researcher who writes pieces focusing on e-commerce, technological trends and Fashion.  Follow her on twitter: @GabriellaC86.

Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips A.K.A aficionado of all that is fashion & vintage. She is a freelance writer, designer & vintage fashion treasure hunter by day and, because she loves it so much, by night as well. With her BA degree and fashion experience, she aims to conquer the world, or at least inspire all of you out there. Follow her on her blog  or on twitter @loveazil.

Nicole Groenmeyer

An aspiring writer, with a BA in English Literature and Communication Science, Nicole is working hard to kick Carrie Bradshaw out of the City so she can take over. She’s passionate about books, music, coffee and black eyeliner. Follow her @MissSillyRabbit on twitter.

Bruce Sandmann

Bruce Sandmann is a sports lover and avid writer. As the owner of West Coast Sports and a full time fiction writer, sports and writing take-up his entire life. Follow him on  Facebook here

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