Today sees the release of SIBOT‘s New EP – THROW AWAY – through sSHADOWORKSs.

“I am really excited about this release as it reflects my new live show and it is the beginning of a lot of music to come from me. I was inspired by the current disposable state of the music industry and Throw Away delivers a balance of scapey, frozen, orchestral moments contrasted with glitchy bassy drops. I’ve taken some of my favourite live picks back into studio and given them some dynamic changes, offering a bit of both worlds.” – Sibot

It is abundantly clear that we have arrived in the predicated society of instant gratification and disposable culture. One struggles to find anything that will last in relevance and it feels like the days of the seminal musical creations are few and far between. This is not say that great works are not being created, it is more a statement on that fact on how fast culture is currently cycling.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in today’s Electronic music and its ever burgeoning excess of genre’s, sub genre’s, fly by night sensations and one hit wonders. A culture built on numbers that has always existed but has never applied to music this far from ‘the norm’. It is the first time that this ‘scene’ and industry have been so closely linked. It is a strange place.

This Throw Away EP embodies this current climate. A collection of 6 tracks spawned off the back of Sibot‘s explosive live show, melted down into take away format. Never one to take the easy approach or trade the unknown for formula, Sibot has carved out his place over the past decade at the forefront of South Africa’s electronic music revolution. These 6 tracks sit at the heavier end of Sibot‘s production repertoire, built to break floors and ignite riot. Yet within this still sits Sibot‘s signature production approach that imparts his sound, infuses his style through all he constructs. Throw Away will be let loose digitally today – check Sibot’s facebook for shop details.

Track Listing:

1. Bitches Get Done
2. Row Row
3. No Question
4. Corner
5. Magnet Jam
6. Eagle Man

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Free Choons:
’Sticky Bomb’

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