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The world of deadlines, early call times, endless sourcing and hard work only appeals to the select few. Being part of the magazine industry is not just about a glamorous life of launches, freebies and bubbly as portrayed in popular culture. In truth it is high pressure and yet more hard work.

Twenty-two year old Aqeelah Harron recently joined the Marie Claire team as an enthusiastic and always stylish intern. I asked Aqeelah a few questions to give us a look into the crazy life of an intern at a leading fashion magazine.

YM: What made you decide to join the retail/fashion industry?

AH: This line must be getting a bit old but I’ve loved fashion for as long as I could remember. I’ve loved everything about fashion and not only the glamorous aspects like launches and shop openings but also the craftsmanship of a garment, working really hard during shoots and sourcing.

YM: What, in your opinion, is the defining trend for Summer 2011?

AH: I’m not really big on trends, but I love relaxed tailoring as well as the ever popular colour blocking trend.

YM: What is the most important thing you’ve learned about the fashion industry while interning at Marie Claire?

AH: You need to be enthusiastic, friendly and be prepared to work long hard hours and get your hands dirty in addition to then looking good for a launch later! The industry isn’t always pretty, but it is always worth it.

YM: Do you have any advice for any girls wanting to become interns at their favourite magazines?

AH: Be confident, take initiative and get involved in the industry before applying for an internship. Prior to interning I sold and styled vintage, worked as a stylist, photographer’s assistant and built up a portfolio. The reason I started my blog was to document the role fashion plays in my life, so that I would have something to show when I applied.

YM: Who are your ultimate fashion icons?

AH: Edie Sedgewick, Anna Dello Russo, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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