Pandora reveals what motherly love means today as they join forces with Helena Christensen, Pernille Teisbaek and Iris Gold to share their personal stories of motherhood

As part of Pandora’s journey to explore what love means in today’s world, ahead of Mother’s Day the jewellery brand is sharing stories and insights about motherhood and how motherly love empowers women today.

Iconic supermodel Helena Christensen, with her mother Elsa, stylist and creative director Pernille Teisbaek and singer-songwriter Iris Gold have come together with Pandora to share their personal experiences of motherhood. Alongside these testimonials, 1,000 women across the United States have taken part in a survey to explore motherhood in today’s society.

Love is the most powerful thing about motherhood:

The three mothers reflect on motherly love, all being in different stages of motherhood; Helena and her own mother reminisce on watching their children become grown-ups, Pernille, pregnant at the time whilst raising two toddlers, and Iris who gave birth to her baby last year. According to their testimonials, it’s clear that love is at the center of motherhood and summing up motherly love, Helena Christensen says, “It’s almost like when you have a child, you fill up a bottle with as much pure love, strength, hope and confidence that you possibly can for them to have for the rest of their lives.”

The feeling is echoed in the US survey as findings show that love is the most powerful thing about motherhood. Choosing from seven alternatives, American mothers selected the love you have for your child (42%), watching your child(ren) grow up (19%) and the possibilities of what their child(ren) could achieve (13%) as their top answers.

Motherhood brings acceptance and emotional maturity:

Self-love and acceptance are key traits of motherhood. When asked how they define these terms, almost three-quarters of mothers (71%) chose ‘accepting that there’s no such thing as a perfect mother’, while 54% answered that they don’t let other people’s judgement negatively affect them. Iris Gold reflects on this, stating “the most powerful thing about becoming a mother is not caring so much about what other people think. I wish I had the confidence to feel that way before I had my son.” Similarly, Pernille admits that” having kids is actually really difficult. It’s a balance I haven’t learned yet, but I feel that I’m learning every day.”

Motherhood Today:

Over three-quarters of American respondents (77%) define motherly love in today’s world as loving their child(ren) unconditionally (77%) and accepting and loving their child(ren) for who they are, not who they envisaged them to be (62%). Additionally, invoking a feeling of empowerment and pride for the family they have created (31%) and loving themselves for the mothers they are (27%). Vita Clausen, Global PR and Influencer Director at Pandora, says: “at Pandora, we are on a mission to empower people to express who they are and voice the things they love. By showing some of the brilliant and unique facets of motherly love in today’s world, we hope to empower, celebrate and thank moms everywhere this Mother’s Day.”

Watch the full testimonials with Helena Christensen, Iris Gold and Pernille Teisbaek as part of Pandora’s “An Exploration of Love” film series below:

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