If I remember correctly, the last gentleman who sported this style in tinsel town could have been Kourtney Kardashian’s beau, Scott Disick.  Are there any Scott fans here? I hope not. Anyway, he’s long had this look down. I didn’t really feel it, until I recently saw it on my boyfriend, now I may have changed my mind. There is something quite suave and charismatic about this particular style.

Johnny Depp slick back hair

According to the Business Insider Online, a barber on Wall Street attributed most of the styles belonging to younger guys, especially traders, to a trend in these professionals wanting to look “flashy”.   Another hairstylist who works downtown on Wall Street says it may be due to the bad economy and they’re just getting fewer haircuts.  Another opinion was that it’s the “Mad Men” trend.


Wall Street movie slick back hair

If you feel you can carry it off guys, go for it! But please – don’t do it without a strong dose of suavity and a glass of the finest scotch in your hand.

Bring on the big boys.

Gabriella Chelini

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