‘Eco is the smart choice,” says Paul Harciano, co-founder of GUESS. “Better performance. Better sustainability. Great fashion – a motto we live by. “

GUESS has been making some of the best denim in the world for almost 40 years, now we are doing it even more sustainably with our new GUESS ECO collection which launched yesterday, 21 April 2022 in Johannesburg. 

GUESS’ sustainable collection demonstrates how new designs and styles can make fashion and sustainability go together. This idea of circular fashion, means that clothing and fabric should be re-worn and recycled. 

The GUESS ECO capsule collection is made with environmentally-conscious materials and manufacturing processes. We use the most advanced technology – Nano Technology, Ozone Technology, Laser Technology, next generation fibre technology, Tencel denim and Rifbra Technogy  ? to craft the best performance denim and non-denim apparel. 

GUESS use three important manufacturing processes: 

  1. Water saving: Less water used in the denim-wash process during production
  2. Recycled materials: Recycled plastic bottles are broken down and used in pocket linings 
  3. Eco Conscious: New technologies and processes reduce the use of chemicals

Denim is our world. Our new GUESS ECO Denim and apparel is made with at least 20% certified sustainable materials, using innovative production methods that reduce its environmental impact. 

GUESS’ new sustainability plan is rooted in the brands heritage – now fuelled by a new energy for the planet and our future. 


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