Peeples (2013), produced by Tyler Perry, is a comedy about a slightly offbeat and quirky kids’ party singer who spends a weekend meeting his successful girlfriend’s family. The catch is, they’re wealthy, stiff and, as he calls them, “The Black Kennedys”.

After spending the weekend trying to impress her father and failing miserably, with mishaps and misjudgments, secrets are spilled and family ties strengthened.

While Wade (Craig Robinson), tries to impress Virgil Peeples (David Alan Grier), he finds out secrets about his girlfriend (Kerry Washington), her parents and siblings that shock and cause for serious laughter, including Virgil’s strange and totally unexpected late night activities on the beach…

It’s African-American comedy at its best, with soul music and dancing.

Director Tina Gordon Chism took every man’s nightmare of meeting the parents and turned it into 95 minutes of hilarity. Craig Robinson brings life and spark to Wade’s character, while Kerry Washington is the typical daddy’s girl, always trying to please her father. And then there’s Virgil Peeples, who is the epitome of ‘scary dad’- intelligent, wealthy, not to mention a judge.

It’s a light-hearted, fun comedy that definitely brightens the winter grey and makes you appreciate your quirky peeples (family).

– Nicole Klein

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