The Vow (2012) is a bittersweet love drama starring, Channing Tatum whose existing stardom, coupled with the genre of this movie is likely to draw a far greater female audience.

The film starts out when Paige Collins (Rachel McAdams) and her husband, Leo (Channing Tatum) are returning home from an evening out at the movie theatre. On their way home, they meet with a car accident, in which Paige is seen literally flying through the windscreen. Both husband and wife are admitted to hospital but, Paige suffering a ‘blow to the brain’ ends up in a coma. When she finally regains consciousness, she doesn’t recognize Leo and has no memory of her current life and marriage.

Her husband, Leo learning the aftermath of the accident is devastated and heartbroken as Paige is diagnosed with amnesia. All she remembers is her per-marital life with her parents, dropping out of Law School and being engaged to Jeremy. Leo however, is determined to help Paige regain her memory but, even after countless attempts he remains unsuccessful.

Even watching their wedding video doesn’t evoke any emotional response or connection to Leo. And the passion-filled and deeply- rooted love they once shared, becomes an empty, unreciprocated almost paradoxically ‘vowless’ marriage (well, at least from Paige’s side).

Throughout, the film as a spectator one keeps hoping for a breakthrough that, Paige will at some point start regaining her memory and that there will be a fairytale ‘happing- ending’. But as the film draws to a close, Paige doesn’t regain her memory of their love or marriage. And thus, the film seems characteristic of a ‘flat’, disappointing, anti-climax narrative ending.

This is a love story with a dash of realism, which is sure to stir at your heartstrings and disappoint you all at the same time.

– Shanawaaz Sonday

Categories: Film