Long established Hollywood actress Michelle Williams is to take on the momentous role of Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film, My Week with Marilyn.

There has been some speculation as to whether she’ll be able to pull such a role off, but by the sounds it she just might be able to, and better than anyone expects.  For all her natural beauty, Williams’ most iconic roles (Brokeback Mountain; Blue Valentine; Meek’s Cutoff) have all required a significant transformation of Williams.  My Week with Marilyn will challenge her in a new way. She plays the American iconoclast in the story of her disastrous 1957 experience filming The Prince and the Showgirl, with Sir Laurence Olivier.   In order to mentally prepare for the role Williams had to immerse herself physically and emotionally into the late Monroe’s vintage world.  She undertook an intense crash course; meticulously studying of Monroe’s films and reading as many books about her as possible.

In terms of Monroe’s sought-after style and demeanour, her public image was as much tied to her looks as her inner-self.  She was an extravagant and elegant star in a bygone era that celebrated the female form in its natural shape. Williams had to pick up a few extra pounds to mimic the sensually famous curves.

Monroe was born to act; she was used to reinventing herself on screen. She was also able to build herself an off-screen persona, one that permeated households around the globe.  This notorious and curvaceous blonde bombshell actually began her life as a brunette named Norma Jean Baker!

Monroe took her beauty cues from her fellow iconic blonde Jean Harlow.  Her curvy body and sex appeal helped separate her from other willowy stars.  Be it a form fitting dress or slacks and a blouse, she managed to draw attention to her figure without ever trying too hard.

The YCLAD team can’t wait to see Williams take on the role of this beautifully vulnerable icon in all her complexities and femininity – it’s sure to be an attention-grabbing performance!

-Gabriella Chelini


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