Very decisively I made up my mind years ago that I would not be sucked  into the entire Twilight franchise. I even read the first two books to ensure that I would have an informed opinion about the literature and I’ve watched all the films for the same reason.

The only reason to keep watching, if I’m completely honest, is the cute werewolf’s body. All of them.

However, the fact that millions of simpering girls worldwide have been pining in anticipation for the long awaited vampire wedding, can’t go unmentioned. In the latest film, Breaking Dawn, the contrived love triangle can finally be laid to rest as Bella Swan makes up her mind and marries the stone faced vampire, Edward Cullen.

Carolina Herrera designed the bridal gown for the film and of course a more affordable replica has been created by none other than bridal heavyweight, Alfred Angelo.

I have a very depressing suspicion that this $799 gown will be donned for many a teenage wedding in 2012.


Image courtesy of Alfred Angelo
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