The Lucky One (2012) directed by Scott Hicks with a screenplay by Will Fetters is an adaptation of a Nicholas Spark’s novel ‘The Lucky One’ (2004). The film remaining faithful to the original source material is composed of a narrative and plot based on fate and destiny.

Zac Efron fans will be delighted to see him light up the screen again. Efron famous for playing the male lead in the acclaimed High School Musical film series takes on the role of Logan Thibault, as a US marine who survives three years on the battlefront during the war between the US and Iraq

As fate has it, Logan picks up a photograph of a woman amongst the ruins with the words “keep safe” written on the flipside of the photograph just moments before a massive explosion. Miraculously, surviving the attack, Logan decides that the photograph is his lucky charm and promises himself that if he survives the war, he will set out to find the woman in the picture to thank her for saving his life.

After the war Logan returns home to Colorado and later enters the town of Louisiana in search of the woman in the photograph. When he finally meets her, he learns that her name is Beth (Taylor Schilling). And, Beth assumes that he is responding to the job advertisement and wants to apply for the job at her dog kennel business. He finds himself tongue-tied in her presence and doesn’t set the record straight but, instead accepts the job.

The film is a typical post-war love story set in the natural landscape amidst a farmland’s beautiful gardens and tall trees. The combination of the setting and story line, presents a complementary dose of escapist poetic romanticism.

In the end – love conquers all.

– Shanawaaz Sonday

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