The recent campaign for Ray-Ban shot by world renowned American Photographer Steven Klein,  features four shots starring four singular characters, each embodying a Ray-Ban icon. The images celebrate the liberating force of the road trip, interpreted as a meta-phorical escape from the constraints of modern society.

The spirit of the campaign is immediate, irrepressible and authentic, capturing the transformative power of self-expression.

“It’s about freedom and letting go,” explains Klein. “Living in turbulent times, one of the things that evokes that for many people is a road trip. This campaign represents that no matter what hardships come your way, you can be an individual, go on your own path and experience fun, optimism, creativity, love… everybody’s looking for their own personal freedom.”

The protagonists each wear a Ray-Ban icon, an extension of their distinct personalities: The Marshal, Wayfarer Blaze, Aviator Evolve and Hexagonal.

The Marshal

ray-ban steven Klein
With the straight-jacket of the city in the rearview mirror the protagonist drives into a never ending sunset. Literally stripped of restraints, his skin absorbs the warm light of freedom. The protagonist wears a pair of Ray-Ban Marshal. This Ray-Ban icon is the modern take on the tribute to the pioneering spirit of lieutenant Douglas MacArthur, launched in 1987.

Wayfarer Blaze

She’s her own person and on the road she can finally express that true self. With the wind in her hair and no fixed destination, the protagonist embraces the cool thrill of the unknown. The protagonist wears a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Blaze. Ray-Ban’s mirror block reinvention of their iconic 50s design is beloved of musicians, celebrities and adventurers.


ray-ban hexangon Steve Klein
With his dog and guitar for company our protagonist takes the road less travelled. He’s on a journey of self-discovery, and he’s not looking back. The protagonist wears a pair of Ray-Ban Hexagonal. The slim profiles of this new acetate optical shape give the iconic hexagon a new dimension. Featuring contemporary angles and a vintage-inspired keyhole bridge, plus the classic Ray-Ban rivets and temple logos.

Aviator Evolve

Hitching a trip to “everywhere” our protagonist runs through early morning light, towards a new dawn of authenticity and self-realisation. The protagonist wears a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator Evolve. The world’s most iconic sunglasses reimagined with photochromatic washed lenses that change colour density with light. Pink lenses recall flamboyant 70s eyewear trends.

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