Spirit Hoods were one of those fashion trends that initially made me stop, tilt my head to the side, and say “really?”

Nowaday’s, I am enormously in love with this winter novelty item.

If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, Spirit Hoods are furry animal hat/scarf combos that are all the rage with Celebs and fashion followers worldwide.

They manufacture this distinctive line of animal-inspired faux fur accessories for men, women, and children and believe in the conservation and protection of both the planet and its animals.

To help give back they donate a portion of their online proceeds to several non-profit organisations devoted to wildlife conservation (fashion with a good cause really tugs my heart strings).

The hoods are made with the best quality faux fur but don’t be mistaken, this fake fur truly feels and looks real; each hood with its own unique characteristics and charm, from ears to buttons – no two hoods are the same.

They are available in an array of different animals, to suit everyone’s individual taste – everything from bears, owls, skunks, to lions and even leopard.

Hoods are all handmade and certainly add a fun twist to any outfit.

Shop for your Spirit Hood on their online store.

-Melissa Hall

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