What could be better than a boutique shop selling designer clothing second-hand at up to two-thirds off the retail price? An online shop doing the exact same thing!

2nd Take, based in Sea Point and Gardens has been offering its customers a fantastic service for almost two years now. They buy and sell international and local brands second-hand.

Not only is this a very green way of allowing fashionistas to update their closet space but it also offers a platform for buying some stunning pieces and sometimes wildly reduced rates.

If you visit their store there’s no telling what you might find. Louis Vuitton bags sell like hotcakes and Zara tops are a firm favourite. They’ve got it all; bags, jewellery, dress, men’s suits, accessories. And the great thing about it is that they’re all once-off pieces pretty much.

Now that its launched its new online shop anyone can browse through the designer, vintage and other stunning pieces.

We had a look and have posted some of our favourite vintagey items below:

Duplo Jacket
Ego Woman's Bag
Hendrik Vermeulen coat
Mango Collection top

Check 2nd Take out here:

2nd Take’s website
2nd Take’s online shop
2nd Take on Facebook
2nd Take on Twitter
2nd Take’s physical shop

Happy online shopping pretties!


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