Last week I had the pleasure of going to CHEFS for dinner. I had only heard good things about Chef Jenny and her amazing restaurant concept, so I was more than excited to see what it was all about.

The restaurant serves up a selection of three meals a day, prepared from 12pm onwards, and it varies daily, so be sure to checkout the CHEFS’ website, to see what’s cooking when the desire strikes you. There is generally one veg, on meat and one fish option as well as a dessert option.

Another thing that makes the restaurant so different is its incorporation of the ‘fast fine trend into its dining experience. This concept combines the best of fast food with fine dining. Your meal – a main and sides – is plated and curated in the kitchen and brought to you on the signature Chefs’ tray. I must say, the trays remind me of American Cafeteria’s in movies- only fancier.

“We’ve pared it down, removing unneccessary detail like fancy décor and waiters, so the food alone takes centre stage,” explains Head Chef, Jenny Ward.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the food is served and how unoctentiatiously decadent  everything is.

Jenny achieved a cum laude qualification from the Institute of Culinary Arts, going on to cook in numerous restaurants, as well as making cuisine for the private jet catering company Par Avion and celebrities such as Mariah Carey.

Regarding her own culinary preferences, Jenny loves to prepare a braised or marinated lamb stew, which was consequently on the menu the night I went, much to my satisfaction. I also tried the salmon tartare, and a divine baked dessert with home-made custard.

Still or sparkling water is on the house, there’s a daily juice, beer is on-tap and the wine list changes monthly.

If you haven’t been to CHEFS yet, do yourself a favour and visit, see what’s on offer, arrive, take a seat and order. Soon thereafter Jenny Ward will appear at your table with your mouth-watering meal.

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