The NRC (Nylon Ripstop Clyde) is the latest pack in the long term PUMA x UNDFTD Collection. It takes design cues from the military and incorporates a high quality Nylon Ripstop material into the PUMA Clyde.  Developed for the production of parachutes during World War II, Ripstop is made for strength and is resistant to tearing and ripping. Which means your new Clydes are in it for the long-haul!

The PUMA x UNDFTD Collection is about bringing a simplistic and classic aesthetic with a twist to PUMA’s most iconic shoe, The Clyde.  These new editions embody this with clean lines and four wearable colours for spring.

They will be launching at Shelflife, one of our favourite stores here at YCLAD, on September 10, 2011. Get your hands on a pair for a mere R999. The Nylon Ripstop Clyde will also make an appearance at this year’s STR.CRD festival on 24 September 2011.


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