This Durban- born brown eyed beauty has reached new heights in her modeling career after landing the FHM 2012 Calendar and being represented by agencies all over the globe.

Having modeled internationally, this self-proclaimed ‘earth child’ has travelled to some of the most exotic and beautiful destinations. Despite her striking looks and successful career she is completely down-to-earth, and a real chatter box. YCLAD chats with Lee-Anne:

YM: How old were you when you first started modelling?

LR: I was 19 when I first won the Face of Lee Jeans, and after that started modeling professionally at age 21.

YM: Which agencies are you with locally and internationally?

LR: I’m with Fusion Models in CPT, I have a manager as well here, Marlon Stoltzman. I am also represented by Models International in Durban, Inega in India, Sherry Models in China, and VTM in Indonesia.

YM: What’s the biggest modelling job or brand you have ever worked with?

LR: Lee Jeans International, FHM & Elle Magazine, Valentine Secret Montreal, Designer Notes Perfume, and  Kangol Lingerie.

YM: Which countries around the world have you worked in?

LR: I started modeling internationally recently, and so far I have been to India which I totally loved. I got to experience their culture, saw the Taj Mahal and did a lot of spiritual things as well. I have also been to Guangzhou in China, Jakarta in Indonesia and other countries for specific jobs.

YM: You must be pretty busy travelling and working – when you have spare time how do you like to spend it?

LR: The beach – with family and friends, or enjoying the summer CapeTown vibe with all my besties!

YM: What are your favourite fashion items for Summer this year?

LR: A stylish pair of sunnies, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, and my nivea light feeling daily face cream.

YM: So you describe yourself as a bit of an ‘earth child’, tell us more about that…

LR: I am definitely an earth child (laughs). I love being outdoors, and being in touch with nature. I have experienced my fair share of outdoor trance parties. Green all the way!


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-Gabriella Chelini

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