For over 15 years South Africa’s Electronic music scene has lived in the shadow of its counterpart, the greater global scene at large. That is until now. From a genuinely ‘underground’ scene devoid of industry and support, it has been slowly growing and has finally caught up with the rest of the world to the point of being taken seriously (even if still not entirely understood) by more mainstream channels.

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) is the celebration of a scene coming of age. It marks the point at which the Electronic Music Scene in South Africa has been recognized by itself and beyond as an industry that has reached the state of being self-sustainable.

The CTEMF will take place in Cape Town from 27 March – 01 April 2012.

The core Festival will be held at The V&A Waterfront from Friday 30 March – Sunday 01 April.

This will be preluded by a week of Workshops, Info-sessions, Showcases and Fringe Events from Tuesday 27 March 2012

Artists & Line Up Times:


15:00 Remy Gold
16:00 Dank
17:00 Big Foot
18:00 Step Up Soundsystem
19:00 Das Kapital
20:00 Richard The Third
21:00 Blush n Bass
22:00 Pascal & Pearce
23:00 Haezer
00:00 Niskerone
01:00 Hyphen & SFR


11:00 Kalahari Surfer
12:00 Fletcher in Dub
13:00 Markus Wormstorm
14:00 Felix Laband
15:00 Marshall
16:00 Mr Sakitumi & The Grrrl
17:00 Audiophile 021
18:00 AKA
19:00 Sibot
20:00 PH Fat
21:00 Kid Fonque
22:00 El Gordo
23:00 Chris Jack
00:00 Monique Pascall
01:00 B Team


11:00 Thibo Tazz
12:00 Warm up
13:00 Floyd Lavine
14:00 Jullian Gomes
15:00 Soul Revolution
16:00 Black Coffee
17:00 Bruno Morphet
18:00 Dean Fuel
19:00 Digital Rockit
20:00 Goldfish
21:00 Regan
22:00 Ivan Turanjanin

CTEMF is made possible by:

Red Bull Studios
Resident Advisor
Rolling Stone
V & A Waterfront

With kind assistance from:

Cape Town Tourism
Creative Cape Town
Mahkulu Productions
Say Thank You
Virtual Architects
Western Cape Town Government

Speakers during the CTEMF 2012 fringe events:

• Black Coffee & Amaru Da Costa (Soulistic Music)
• Dave Mac (BPM & Muse)
• Dominique Gawlowski (Griet)
• Dominique Silva (Nokia Services Manager)
• Hagar Graiser (Jump Media / CapeMic)
• Hilton ‘Roach’ Roth (African Dope Records)
• Jake Lipman (sSHADOWORKSs)
• Maximillian Kaizen (Creative Commons)
• Miles Keylock (Rolling Stone SA)
• Regan Tacon (Earthdance / Origin / Teaparty / Nano Rec)
• Sibot
• Uno De Waal (Trigger Isobar / 10and5)

More information to follow shortly on the fringe events they have set up.

Keep up to date on all CTEMF movements by visiting the Website,
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