Dare to dream big with BIC Soleil!

Following the phenomenal success of the inaugural BIC Soleil Squad initiative in 2020/2021, entries are open for the next round of fun, confident women who are passionate about inspiring others to unleash their inner shine.

In line with BIC’s focus on self-expression and encouragement to “Shine, Your Way”, the aim of the BIC Soleil Squad is to help young women embrace their power to shine. With the help of the brand, the BIC Soleil Squad will connect with schoolgirls and young women looking for inspiration and guidance, reaching them through media opportunities, events, and BIC’s social media platforms. 

While the Squad inspires others, they will also be equipped with the right skills and tools to grow, nurture their personal brands and shine even brighter. In addition to carrying the title of BIC Soleil Brand Ambassador,  the BIC Soleil Squad will receive coaching and mentoring from the likes of LeAnne Dlamini – a musician, content creator and philanthropist focusing on women empowerment. 

Marketing Director of BIC, South East Central Africa, Lillian Henderson, explains: “In a world of social pressures and expectations around gender norms, BIC Soleil is actively seeking to move away from focusing on appearances. Rather, we encourage youth to focus on personality and self-expression, encouraging all women to shine with their minds, abilities, and talent. For us, it’s about choosing to celebrate self-care, to actively inspire, uplift and empower – and that’s what our #ShineYourWay message is about. We are ultimately looking for three women to become our next BIC Soleil Squad to help us to motivate young women and help them flourish.”

The next BIC Soleil Squad will follow in the footsteps of Amanda Nchukana, Tumelo Matela and Sherri Andreas, who have spent the past year leveraging the platforms provided by the initiative to inspire other woman; receive mentorship; and attend as many events as Covid would allow, and more. 

“Some of my biggest and key takeaways from working with BIC Soleil is that you can honestly be yourself and you do not have to fit into any mold. That has really helped boost my self-confidence. I have also learned, through my mentorship with LeAnne Dlamini, that preparation is everything and that it will help take you far in life.” said Sherri Andreas, Digital Marketing Specialist and outgoing BIC Soleil ambassador.

Women in South Africa who embody the BIC Soleil values of confidence, empowerment, and fun, and who are passionate about inspiring others to build their confidence, celebrate their uniqueness, and find their voice, should head over to za.bicworld.com/MissSoleilSquad. Applicants will need to submit a short video and a photograph, along with a bit of information about themselves, between the 15th of September and the 15th of October 2021.

For more information, visit za.bicworld.com/MissSoleilSquad and follow BIC Soleil on Facebook @BICSoleilSA or Instagram @BIC_SA. Join the conversation using #ShineYourWay.

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