Mother City Drive-In, has announced it’s plans to host drive-in style film screenings in Cape Town.

A great example of how to use Covid-19 and social distancing to your advantage, Mother City Drive plans to bring back the enjoyment we used to have watching movies on the big screen, complete with a road house for great snacks and a double dose of nostalgia.

Originally dating back to the ’30s, the drive-in cinema is making a comeback. From baby boomers to 90s kids… even I remember looking forward to Drive-In nights. I can still remember the distinct crackling sound of the movie through the car window, the smell of the popcorn and the cool Jo’burg air at night.

It certainly won’t be a first in the Mother City. During the 1960s, Cape Town’s second-largest drive-in cinema thrived where the Grand West Casino now stands and the iconic Sunset Drive-In, on the corners of Old Strandfontein and New Ottery roads, opened in the mid-1950s – only to be renamed to Sunset Ster Drive-In in the 1980s and demolished in the same decade.

Sadly, no official launch date has been announced yet but watch this space or follow the Mother City Drive-In’s Facebook page here for more information.

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