CAPTAIN STU launched the music video for their new single, SIAMESE TWIN, today. The video was shot over two weekends in August at the band house, also known as the House of Pain. Conceptualised and directed by Jade Mulvany and Frances Kroon, the idea was to cast kids aged 10-12 that looked like the band members and have them act out a childlike ‘play play’ scenario where one of them is in love with a siamese twin and the others perform an operation to separate the girls.

“Because of the easy-going, fun persona of the band, we have visited and revisited the nostalgia theme in many of our visual elements in the video. Retro arcade games, robots, aliens, Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Superheroes and many other elements from our childhood have made an appearance, so we thought it would be great to continue with that theme and actually recreate a bit of our childhoods in the video.”

CAPTAIN STU chose SIAMESE TWIN as the next single seeing as it is a fun song that has a quirky, different feel while still being quite catchy and the fact that the quirkiness of the song translated well into a video concept.

“Siamese Twin has a very different feel to it than The Day; it’s a bit more out there and wacky and a tiny bit dark. So in a way it’s showing a bit of a different side to Captain Stu, which we are very excited to be doing.”

Check it out:

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Zula in Cape Town: 11 November (with Hog Hoggidy Hog, 340ml and Little Kings)
Unit 11 in Durban: 19 November (with The Trees)
Synergy Live Festival in Franschoek: 27 November

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