Pretoria based band, ISOCHRONOUS will be opening for international band Two Door Cinema Club on the second of March in Johannesburg on their first tour to South Africa.

“We were approached by Rocking the Daisies and asked if we could be persuaded to share the stage with Two Door Cinema Club! Naturally, our response was extremely positive… We feel both grateful and tremendously excited about this opportunity! We have opened for a few bands in our career and it has always been a pleasure. This experience should be no different.”

ISOCHRONOUS feels that Two Door Cinema Club is a young and fresh sounding band from whom they can learn a lot because they have achieved a great amount with the release of only one studio album and can offer a huge insight into the European music scene.

“There are definitely similarities in our music. Certainly as far as melodic content is concerned. There is a large portion of the music sector today where melody is disregarded. The loop and sample based sounds of many forms of hip-hop, dance and similar genres places greater emphasis on the rhythmic aspect than that of the melodic. However, with regards to TDCC and ISO, the melody is the champion of the mix. Both groups place large emphasis on the vocal melody and sound and this is what we believe our strongest ties are with the band. Our genres may be quite different, but with regards to melody and songwriting we aren’t so far adrift.”

5 Gum is bringing Two Door Cinema Club to South Africa. Tickets are going to be free and available from 5 Gum?s Facebook page:

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