According to a survey by the Global Language Monitor: London has overtaken New York as the world’s fashion capital for 2011, fuelled by media interest in late British designer Alexander McQueen and Kate Middleton.

Based on a system that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in print, electronic and social media, London moved up from third to first place in 2011, ousting New York from the top spot (which it held for several years in the survey).

YCLAD’s favourite designers, Alexander McQueen may have left the world but he reigns on the Fashion Industry and his fashion brand continues to be adorned by the most iconic celebrities in the world . The new Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton, artistic director for the Alexander McQueen label. The top five global fashion capitals were rounded out by NY at number 2, Paris at No. 3, Milan at number 4 and Los Angeles at number 5.


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