Just like with anything Trevor Stuurman has a hand in, the adidas Originals Samba really bought our eye this month with a local campaign featuring photographer Uno Gondo and digital curator Lindiwe Ngubeni (also knows as @Lindi_Xo).

The iconic Samba campaign, a continuation of the partnership with Trevor, draws inspiration from South African grass-roots soccer culture. The eclectic images hero the Samba OG and the newly launched Samba Rose.

Stepping out in classic black and white colorways, the Samba OG’s one-for-one reproduction is a welcome return of a chapter in adidas history.

The Samba is a sneaker that embodies an anti-hype attitude while being a fashion staple and streetwear essential and Uno Gondo incorporates the silhouette into his effortless, original style.

Creators are the new athletes.

With a platform sole, the iconic Samba silhouette gets a bold contemporary treatment and more feminine context within the Samba Rose. As an authority who is carving a niche for herself within the digital sphere, Lindiwe champions the Samba Rose iteration with her iconic yet understated style.

“The Samba’ s statement black and white colourway and timeless silhouette make it so easy to incorporate into my wardrobe. From athleisure, to everyday casual and suits or formal skirts, the shoe fits. I think it’s ability to remain simple yet make a bold statement allows for such versatility”, added Lindi when questioned about staying true to her style when wearing Samba, the authentic sneaker that embodies everything that adidas Originals is.

The Samba OG retails for R1499 while the Samba Rose retails for R1599. Both silhouettes are available at adidas Originals stores, www.adidas.co.za and select retailers.

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