Ladies, ladies, ladies (and gentlemen)!  Popular London fashion retailer, Topshop, is said to be heading our way soon and is bringing a Topman division along for the ride.

The flagship store will open in Johannesburg in November and we’re sure there are a large number of fashionistas who will be there to welcome it with loving arms and shiny plastic cards.

The reason for all the uncertainty around its arrival in sunny South Africa? The source of this fantastic news is a Facebook friend profile. Of course we’ve all friend requested! You should too. All they’re saying is “watch this space for further information about locations, dates, launch parties and opening sales”. But they are also recruiting permanent and part-time staff members for the store. Want to apply? No formalities are required according to the profile status: “We are currently recruiting staff to fill permanent, part time and semi permanent positions within the retail sector for our Johannesburg flagship store. So if you think that you’ve got what it takes…please message us with your applications. Formalities not required just contact information and a brief description of your work ethic and personality.”

Some are sceptical whether Topshop is really coming to grace our shores with its fabulous fashion. Some can’t contain their excitement: even GQ are getting their jocks in a knot about “Will they? Won’t they?”

This is one clothing chain store that we’re all holding our breath for. It could open the way for other very welcome chains such as H&M, American Apparel, Hollister and Zara (rumoured to be launching in SA for some time now).

There’s no news on whether a Cape Town or Durban branch will be launched but, come now, it would be ludicrous for them not to launch a store in our shiny Mother City.


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