Unlike in game of thrones, we did not receive a note from the citadel. Our knowledge about the arrival of winter is based on the falling tree leaves; the misty mornings and the notification on our smartphones informing us that it will be a high of 13 degrees today. Mostly however, we know winter is here when we see the latest trends! We’re talking puffer jackets, snakeskin bodysuits, paper-bag trousers and the Flare-leg jeans in stores and on streets.  As winter approaches, we see the resurfacing of old styles and the rise of styles newness. The question however is: where do you fit in? Which styles can you wear? When can you wear them? Where can you wear them?

Welcome to this all-inclusive guide to winter must-haves.

For the Students:

We all know or remember the feeling of those 8am lectures becoming more and more unappealing as the year progresses from February to August and the temperature from positive to negative.  These puffer jackets provide the perfect solution and are tackling winter head on. Built on a solid foundation of heat and comfort, they are easy to throw on when walking to class and even when you’re walking in the opposite direction.

Yellow Puffer, Poetry R999.

Burnt Orange Puffer, Mr Price R229.99.


For the Nine to Five’s:

Working in the world that runs from nine to five during winter usually means leaving while it’s still dark and returning as the sun is about to set. It also means spending many mornings wishing you could remain under the blankets for just a few more minutes. So what could be better than being able to bring your blanket to work with you? A shawl is a perfect example of snuggly bedding meets swanky fashion.

Check shawl, Poetry R499.

Multi-coloured poncho, Mr Price R100.



For the Gym Bombs:

Though winter is infamous for unshaven legs and muffin tops, ensuring that you remain fit is important so that come bikini season, you’re confident in your body no matter the size of your shorts. Also, these cute winter athleisure outfits are all the motivation you’ll need to make the great trek all the way to the gym. 

Long sleeve R350, Woolworths

Joggers, R399, Woolworths 


For the Friday nights out:

Paint the town in animal prints with these bodysuits that allow you to both look and feel smoking on a night you will never forget.

Snake bodysuit, R499 BLVD Boutique.

Leopard bodysuit, R99 Mr Price


For the Friday night in:

We tend to place so much focus on how the world sees us and how we’d like them to see us that we often forgot that how we see ourselves is of as much importance. That’s why you need these loose-fitted and chic pyjamas, to ensure that you go to bed feeling as beautiful on the outside as we know you are on the inside.

The shades of blue in this set of pyjamas allows us to appreciate the “blue-ness” that accompanies winter.

Paisley PJ set, R499 Poetry.

Animal print PJ Set, R279.95 Ackermans 


For the Hair up to get down’s:

These sweaters are good for fighting the winter cold, they’re tight enough to not be considered comfort-clothing that will make you want to lounge around all day and they make you look good while you’re on the “get my life together” grind.  Both these sweaters serve as good basis for outfits that can be dressed up or down.

Turtle neck, R299 Old Khaki

Knit, R699 from Poetry

For everyone:

In this day and age with many companies such as Versace, Prada and Burberry banning animal fur, faux fur and “teddies” have become all the rage. A contemporary faux fur jacket is just what virtually everyone will need this winter.

Burnt Orange Teddy, Billabong at Swindle R999.95

Dusty Pink Teddy, Mr Price R299

Words: Kirshni Kulsen


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