The annual Men’s Health and Women’s Health Sex Survey reveals what is really going on behind bedroom doors in South Africa. This year, many of the findings were refreshing, and some quite unexpected. As Women’s Health editor, Kate Wilson, comments in her editor’s letter “WH readers are not one of the coy sectors of the reading public, they see sex for what it is – a healthy part of life.” Both audiences were extremely forthcoming with their intimate details.

Men’s Health Editor, Jason Brown, continues: “Once again the bumper Sex Issues expose some surprising and risqué secrets of South African’s sex lives. More than 1400 people shared their most intimate sexual experiences and attitudes to sex and together with our experts we were able to analyse the trends to provide readers with the most authoritative advice and insights.”

Some of the Sex Survey revelations include:

  • Women want more! 43% say they are in the mood for it “whenever”.
  • Women have become adventurous. 42% would like to try new things including costumes/role play, sex toys and watching porn together.
  • Men want an emotional connection. 77% stated that this is the most important part of pleasing a partner and 41% say the worst mistake their partner can make is not communicating enough.
  • The Cowgirl (woman on top) has replaced Missionary as the favourite position for both sexes.
  • Men sneak around online. Only 46% of men consider online flirting to be cheating compared to 70% of women.
  • No one really likes condoms. If they had a choice, 82% of men and 75% of women would prefer not to use condoms as they “don’t like the way they feel”.
  • Booze rules. 49% of women and 45% of men admitted to using alcohol to enhance sex (11% of male respondents had used viagra).
  • If given one free pass, most men said they could have sex with Scarlett Johansson…



THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE page 120: What are the nine most surprising things readers revealed in the sex survey. The experts weight in on what this means for SA women’s sex lives.

FETISH page 109: If you think you’re strictly ‘vanilla’ you could be wrong and you’re probably missing out… With roughly 560 fetishes out there, Women’s Health explores the good girl’s guide to getting kinky.

WHAT’S YOUR SEX TOY PERSONALITY page 128: Confident? Generous? Adventurous? Romantic?  Women’s Health recommends the perfect fit.

WHAT’S YOUR SEXIEST WEIGHT page 115: A poor body image (rather than a few extra kilos) can be devastating in the bedroom. Three readers stripped off the share their paths to sexual healing.

THE SEXIEST CITY IN SA? page 127: Find out which post code is the most fling-friendly, which is the most faithful and which the most sexually adventurous…



SEX NATION page 156: The Men’s Health Girl Next Door analyses the survey results to make sure you’re top of your game.  Tips?   Make time for sex “whenever”, keep remembering that emotional connection is most important when pleasing a woman, keep in the Cowgirl position for maximum satisfaction for both of you.  Dr Eve outlines how online sexual activity is rewiring your brain and blogger Dorothy Black sheds light on the search for the ultimate female O – shejaculation.

TWEETING & CHEATING page 110: 45.6% of men do not consider online flirting as cheating.  Men’s Health  uncovers the massive virtual orgy going on behind Twitter’s public facade.

THE SEXUAL EVOLUTION page 148: Men’s Health has consulted experts from the spheres of futurology, psychology, mathematics and technology to reveal how women are evolving and share tips and gadgets to really sharpen your sexual technique and upgrade your horizontal fitness.

YES WE CAN page 113: 10 Men’s Health staffers.  12 weeks to transform their fitness and health.  The team will inspire readers with the amazing before and after pics, ups and downs on the programme and life-changing results.

The July Issues of Men’s Health and Women’s Health hit news stands today, 25 June 2012.

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