Even though South African Fashion Week is now over, there is still a light buzz floating around about Durban based designers Narain Sammy.

Each piece was impressive though some argue the collection, as a whole, lacked direction. We at YCLAD however believe that each outfit was strong enough to hold its own on the runway.


To explain the range, think…a mixture of Chuck Bass’ and Scott Disicks’ swag with a flirt of candy coloured accessories. Completely yummy in my opinion!

The line consisted of men’s suiting and short jump-suits. It was simple yet sophisticated, and balanced off with a hint of playfulness.


Each outfit in the 12 piece collect was set off with a brightly coloured shoe, tie or hanky. The colour palette featured mixtures of cerulean blue, crimson red, pastel peach, buttery yellow, sea green and sunny yellow.

Let’s hope the guys take note.

-Melissa Hall

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