Fantastic news fashion lovers. Internationally renowned brand Superdry
has jumped on board the Styling Concepts proverbial clothing rail.

Superdry was born in 2003 when Julian Dunkerton and James Holder returned
to the UK from an inspiration trip to Tokyo. The brand incorporates Dunkerton
and Holder’s desire to create a line that focuses on top quality products with
vintage American/Japanese-inspired graphics.

The range offers simple designs and fabrics that accentuate the form on
which it is worn. The winter collection is designed to keep the wearer warm
while looking great while the summer line makes use of simple yet flattering
designs and light fabrics.

First introduced to the British market the brand has gone global and is
now sold in over 30 countries such as Amsterdam, Dubai, New York and now, South

Superdry will launch one of their stand-alone stores in Sandton in
November 2011.

Get excited lovelies. Get excited.


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