Thin white clouds patterned the sky as we ventured off to Diepklowe Private Nature Reserve for Groovy Troopers Vision Serpent 2013. I had been keeping a close eye on the weather that was forecasted for the weekend ahead just to make sure my backpack would be equipped with the correct attire no matter what conditions we would be stomping in. Although, no matter how prepared I thought I was for this particular party, with a line up that included 7 international and 26 local acts and DJs on two stages, there was no way of predicting the mind blowing events that took place between 16 and 17 March 2013.

We arrived to the sound of Stereal Key in the distance as we stumbled along carrying our gear towards the camping area. As we emerged from the bush path that separated the cars from the rest of the venue, we were on the lookout for a spot to call home for the weekend. Pacing up and down in between tents we finally decided on a patch next to a ditch, which I found most convenient for when the time would come to brush my teeth.

We pitched our tents, snacked on some bananas and headed to the Motion Pool. Frolicking along the path way, barely containing my excitement, I arrived at the dance floor. The grin I had carried along with me immediately became dumbstruck. I was completely in awe of the décor. Giant dream catchers hung from the edges of the stretched out fabric that shaded the straw covered dance floor. Made up of luminous shades in all the colours of the rainbow, a huge, dragonlike serpent pushed its head out from above the stage.

Egorythmia got the crowd bouncing with his live progressive set as soon as daylight transformed into darkness. Fire dancers soon lit up the night sky as Chabunk fed our ears. Two girls started off whipping flames through the air with fire poi. Flaming hoola hoops soon joined in the fun. Guys and girls swirling the hoops from one limb to the other making it look so incredibly easy. Playing with fire has an entirely new meaning to me now.

The crowd that once circled the dancers scattered back into the shadows and onto the dance floor to continue stomping into the early morning hours at which time I had crept into my friend’s tent. My fear of missing out left me tossing and turning in my sleeping bag but I knew I had to get some sleep on order to have enough spring in my step to take on the Sunday’.

I was slowly awakened by the thumping base of the Viral Beats stage just before sunrise. The mist hung low as I crept out of the tent to brush my teeth. As soon as I was done, I grabbed my shoes, a jacket and headed back to the Motion Pool to pick up where I had left off. With not many left on the dance floor, most had been there since the day before. Exhausted, but the very clear love of trance kept them going.

With some scrumptious base for breakfast, it didn’t take long for my jacket and shoes to be thrown to one side as my fellow trancers and I were taken on a Journey.

The sun poked through the mist, cleared out the sky and awakened the trancers who were once curled up in their tents. By midmorning the dance floor was packed with many more fresh feeling fairies and fellas to join the Sunday stompathon. Seeing the enjoyment on other people’s faces was so refreshing it just made me party even harder.

Egorythmia ended off the party by lifting, those that appeared to be fast asleep in the shaded area, right up from the ground to conclude the weekend’s experience. By this time, 90% of the farms dust had embedded itself in our nostrils and made pale skins look tanned. The straw that once covered the dance floor was now nested in everyones hair and clothing.
Once the music had stopped, the silence screamed reality and off we went. Slowly but surely, accepting that it was in fact home time. A few headed to the dam near the parking area for a cool down as we made our way to our car.

Such an amazing weekend spent with new and existing friends. A big thank you to the organisers for, once again, putting such an awesome event together for us to experience. Groovy Troopers never disappoints. Proof was in the pudding and we ate it all.

-Robyn Brown

-Image by Chantelle Joy // to see more go here

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