Fashion has moved at such a mad pace over the years that, every time I listen to Depeche Mode, I am reminded of all the women out there who, latch on to every fashion trend that passed them by! Why Depeche Mode makes me think of fashion you might wonder? As a French speaking person all I hear is the direct translation of Depeche Mode: ‘fast fashion’ which what fashion has become today- TOO fast.

I have always refused to be defined by current trends and therefor it’s always been my dream to meet one local designer, who can listen to my inner style voice, interpret it the way it is in my head and transpire that into a great garment. One I can afford.  YCLAD readers, I am proud to announce I have found one – Niche Wear!

Inspired by ‘the ability to create her own look, with no parameters’ Thakgalang Masoloke founded this brand to reach out to a market like hers.  A market that chooses to look great in a classy, simple and elegant way. Her garments are not the usual stuff you find at neither cheap nor high end retail boutiques.  She tailor makes all garments to match the individual’s personality and taste. So yo uvan be sure that you will be the only one to own that specific Niche Wear original.

‘ Seeing happy clients come back and referring many other people, because what we offer is a tad different from what you find in big retailers, which are our biggest competitors has been one of my high moments in this business,’ says Thakgalang.

We all know fashion is not an easy industry to make it in, especially in the African markets, so lets’ not fool each other into believing that it’s something you just wake up and do. No! There is a lot of planning, copious amounts of sleepless nights and above all, ‘designs going wrong, client misunderstandings and breaking out as a brand,’ Thakgalang explains further. So as much as we all love to look original, what we have to appreciate is that for one to own a gown that doesn’t exist in any boutique – a lot of works goes into it!

Thakgalang, like me believes that ‘fashion comes and goes but we all have our own style and through Niche we are able to make that a reality, with no limits.’

And in the words of the iconic man, whose ashes lie around the Marrakech gardens, Yves Saint – Laurent, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” — So do pop into Niche Wear at , you may just discover your style niche.

-Grace Kadzere

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