Continuing down the familiar friendly slums of outlandish music, guided purely by our ears, we gain courage and knock on new doors. We are welcomed by lunatics lunging their limbs about in a similar manner to the way we do. We dance together and its feels right. The beats merge like pickled fish and Vodka, chicken feet and soup, gold bracelets and tracksuits. Could this be more perfect? They say their names are Cumbia and Moombahton.

You are invited to come and take part in this Balkan, Cumbia, & Moombahton union. Two dancfloors and only the cream of Cape Town DJs. Prepare to explode in ways you didn’t know you had in you.
James Copeland
Jahmez Waheb
Miss Culo Grande
DJ Balcanes Hombre
Fred Spider
Mr. Hutch
9 Olives
Cumbia my lord, Cumbia!
Where: Zula Sound Bar, 196 Long Street
When: Friday 9th September
Tickets: Door R80/ pre-sold on webtickets

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