The Original Image- previously seen on We Are Awesome

The Cape Town creative scene has been shocked to discover that retailer Mr Price has misused a fashion pic taken by local photographer Kelly Berold.

The photo in question was previously featured on the popular site, and it has come to light that Mr Price used the image without permission from Ms Berold and without informing either model.

There has been ample discussion about the incident on both the We Are Awesome blog and Twitter and Mr Price has publicly apologised for the event on both forums releasing a statement:

“It was never our intention to plagiarize Kelly Berold’s work on our t-shirt design. We have been in contact with Kelly and are resolving this matter directly with her.”

In true Cape Tonian style readers have resorted to humorous comments to poke fun at the clothing brand. It’ll be interesting to see what Ms Berold has to say on the matter as her current silence on the issue is quite noticeable.Cape

– Jade Scully

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