Arriving back at Buffalo Drift soon after Psyguy played, We were, needless to say, VERY stoked for a bit of Friday night ‘skud-skud’. Pleased to see the layout had been switched around on the dancefloor (allowing for a lot more space and a lot less moans this time around) and enlightened by mesmerizing flowery, foresty décor by Luminos complete with cooling sprinklers which would soon save our lives as the day dawned upon us again.

Greeted by internationals, Rosa Ventura vs Zaghini who pretty much soothed our souls; amping us up for what was to come on this fine eve. Much to our displeasure, rumour had it that one of our main men, EMP was beat down by a bit of food poisoning, but it didn’t put too much of a brake in our fuel… After the twilight hours of the morning Rubix Qube and his lady, Eqlipse ensured our shoes would be rocked right off with a phenomenal full-on versus set to get us stomping hard in the hay. Soon after the madness, fatigue kicked in and we rummaged out a comfy spot to recharge by lying our heads down for a bit.

Arising to the beats of Plusminus on the decks made us and the crowd pretty happy stompers, setting the bar high for what was to come on the glorious Saturday.During the morning section of sets, Xatrik – a personal favourite for the weekend, breaking my brain with his hard-hitting beats (Zian).

Soon after, Gauteng Djane, Dre’Ama took to the stage – someone we had yet to experience on the decks but can we just say WOW!? After this weekend, we definitely want this blonde bombshell to return and enchant us with her fine selection of tunes. The rest of the day pretty much consisted of adventure time and enjoying the scenery around the venue; revisiting the venue we made sure to pay a visit to the dam and show our friends the awe of the water mass and had some chill time under the amazing selection of trees and their shade. It was a true scorcher so I made missions to the dancefloor while Zian tried to take a few additional power naps every now and then to be ready to rock it out again for the night that would soon be upon us again.

Naturally I continued to perve over the hotness and talent that was Daniel Menog (Jeanne) before heading to the bar to start the drinking on a few Hunters – a welcome refreshment on such an unexpectedly hot Autumn day. After sunset SiLo eased us into the mood for the chaos to come in the dark. Dala vs Dillan M pasted smiles on our faces by playing a psy rendition of “Is this love”. Storman vs Mystrix entertained by playing tracks by the likes of Ultravoice. As the night progressed, the trance started to get harder and dirtier with DJ’s such as the Skragg and Distorted Culture to scramble our brains. Jeanne was particularly impressed by 2012 whom she’d never really heard of before.

The sun rose and the infamous “Sunday is fun day” was definitely upon us, with Menog tickling our feet with a pretty rad set soon after sunrise. He was followed by a ridiculous line-up consisting of another personal favourite, Technicolor (Mad Piper vs Deliriant) who made us jump up and down like crazy kids to well-known hits, such as Chronic and a set of new thumpers. Up Psy Down, Gandalf Grey, Freakulizer, Zezia and Gokon Rave also contributed to the crazy eventful day and the party was concluded by something different from Khainz.

Meeting new folk who traveled from afar, missioning up and down the vast venues, having bubblegum tequila at a friend’s camper and just having a great psychedelic celebration complete with laughing at the messiness that was some of the people, guaranteed more than a few happy campers and stompers. Thanks for a great sound rig, beautiful décor and an insane line-up. Love and light to our trans-dans familie, until next time…

– Zian Blignaut and Jeanne Mackenzie

Image by Demitrie Koutandos (to see more go here)

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