This year’s crop of kisses is upon us.  And how’s about a big ol’ Metal kiss to start with.  Right on the trip switch. Ladies and gents, please welcome to The UNSEA, entering from stage far left: August Burns Red.

August Burns Red is an American metalcore band from Pennsylvania. Since their formation in 2003, August Burns Red has evolved into one of the biggest names worldwide in the modern metal scene, continually growing and connecting fiercely with a colossal legion of fans. August Burns Red has spent years skillfully crafting a balance between a ferociously heavy sound with empowering lyrical content, while showcasing a rich surplus of inventive guitar riffs, blistering solos, and dynamic drumming.

With a solid collection of 5 previous albums, Thrill Seeker (2005), Messengers (2007), Constellations (2009), Leveler (2011), Rescue & Restore (2013) – which rocketed to the top of the Billboard charts – debuting at #9 on the Billboard Top 200, and Found in Far Away Places (2015) – saw August Burns Red nominated for the Best Metal Performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards for their first time.

OppiKoppi – For the lovely young taken to THE UNSEA will be the band’s debut performance in Africa.

Stay tuned to the OppiKoppi official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages where we will announce more bands who will be performing on the hallowed Oppikoppi stages in Northam.

Festival Details:

OppiKoppi: For the lovely young taken to THE UNSEA brought to you by Windhoek, Red Bull, Jose Cuervo, Chevrolet, MTV, Limpopo Tourism, Department of Arts & Culture and Hilltop Live

Dates: 5, 6, 7 August

Venue: OppiKoppi Farm, Northam, Limpopo

Tickets on sale from 23 March

– Kreesmas Tickets: R650 (30 Nov – 24 Dec) – SOLD OUT

– Early Bird Tickets: R800 (valid until 1 April) – SOLD OUT

– General Admission: R850 (2 April – 31 July)

– Late Tickets: R950 (1 August – 7 August)


Tickets on sale here.

Drink Responsibly, not to sale to person’s under the age of 18.

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