People of Peace (POP) aim to create an atmosphere in South Africa that surpasses all tensions, biases, and privileges, and allows South Africans from all walks of life to unite and work towards a brighter future. Not in Our Name – the phrase echoed by many South Africans – has carried through the waves of violence that have assaulted South African citizens, foreign nationals, and those who are in our country under strained and emergent circumstances.

Working with an aid distribution catalyst like Gift of the Givers, PopFestSA aims to generate funding for all manner of South African requirements, now and in the future.



Wonderboom, The Motherland, Shortstraw, DJ Fresh (5FM), Rob Forbes (5FM), Cath Grenfell (5FM), Fix (5FM), Kyle Worde, Benson & many more to be announced!


Meth Breath, Fearless Communist, Black Math, Veranda Panda, George Daniel, Bhashkar, Kallisto, Night Vision, Dr. Pachanga & many more to be announced!!


Andre Leo & Lucy Kruger, Red Huxley, Loveglove Pyrotechnics, Ironhide Omerta, Dookoom, Slewdadda, B-wise & many more to be announced!

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