Boogarins’ Fernando “Dino” Almeida and Benke Ferraz began playing music together as teenagers in the central Brazilian city of Goiânia – creating psychedelic pop in their parents’ gardens, filtering their country’s rich musical history through a very modern lens. We chat to them just before they head to SA to rock the Endless Daze stage this weekend. 

You began playing music together as teenagers – how did you meet and start up the musical journey?

Benke: “Me and Dinho met during high school, he already had his band “Ultravespa” and I was a guitar nerd, that got really inspired about him and the fact he could write cool songs in portuguese. We spent those high school years playing together in school and by the time we were getting to college I was starting to get better on recording by myself. That’s basically how the Boogarins idea started. We spent the whole year of 2012 meeting occasionally on Sundays and recording the songs that are in our first album, but only on 2013 when we were already creating new songs with Hans (our first drummer) and Raphael (bass) that we came up with names for the band and album.

You recorded your debut LP, ‘As Plantas Que Curam’ (2013), at home, how long did it take and what was the process?

Benke: “It was a quick process in a way, but it also took a while – we didn’t have much equipment so a lot of the “aesthetics” were done just by the lack of resources and the fact Dinho’s vocals cut through the mixes easily. Dinho would take 3 buses to get to my house before lunch and he would leave to his house before dinner already listening to the song kind of finished. As he had his own band and they played a lot in Goiânia, some Sundays he wouldn’t be able to show up because of all the partying on the previous Saturday, haha. So it took all 2012 for us to have an EP – which is how we released “As Plantas” primarily online… it was only those first 6 songs in the album. Only when Other Music found us and decided to release it, they asked us to make it into a full length – and so we did.”

You have headlined clubs and played at festivals all over the world, which are some of your favourites? Secondly, who have you shared a stage with that blew your mind?

All shows are special when you’re band like Boogarins, who can really adapt to different acoustic environments and also to different crowd vibes. Our shows can feel intimate and also euphoric, so it depends really. We love to play for latin crowds all over the world, they’ll know better the lyrics and give a lot of response. But there is also that huge pleasure of seeing your music being appreciate by people who can’t really relate to our reality and language. In that matter, i think this year we play at OFF Festival in Polland and it was a really beautiful music experience, a really nice crowd that payed attention carefully from the beginning and cheered in every small opportunity. Secondly, we played with so many great artists these years, people who we would listen to since teenagers – but talking about new bands and most recent tours, we shared the same stage but in different opportunities. This year with this duo OHMME, two ladies who are killer guitar players – and in 2016 this weird group Cult of Riggonia… both shows happened in Atlanta, at The Earl.

Your second album, ‘MANUAL’ was nominated for a Latin Grammy – how did that feel?

Good, but nothing special. Doesn’t really change things and we still had to pay hundreds of dollars to have one guest to the ceremony, so we ended up not even going haha.

You will be playing at Endless Daze Festival the first weekend of November, will this be your first trip to SA? Also, are you planning on seeing some of the Country while you are here?

Ynaiã: Yes and we are very excited to it. Usually we don’t spend much time only one city, so it will be a very good opportunity to go around and get into of music scene and in the beauties of CT!

How would you describe your sound and who/what are your inspirations?

Ynaiã: “describing yourself is always a challenge cos we are always in a mutation process. So now boogarins is more “sombrouduvida” than “manual”. And to arrive here we pass through all this steps . Our sound is something that is builded in a environment of steady circles with fresh touch of adorned flavors . Life is a big inspiration to us as everything that’s comes within.

Where can fans find your music?

Ynaiã: “Our official releases are on all those streaming services just look for Boogarins, but We also have some stuff on bandcamp and youtube, but the best way to keep track of all we do is Instagram”.

Join us at Endless Daze here.

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