Today Oakley announced their partnership with VSCO, the art and technology company known for their diverse community of content creators.

In order to replicate the effects of Prizm Lens Technology through image filters and expand awareness about the benefits of PRIZM to the creative community, Oakley engineers teamed up with VSCO color scientists on the development, ensuring that the contrast benefits and enhanced visual clarity of Prizm Lens Technology was effectively replicated as filters. The filters that were created include: Prizm Sport- Road, Prizm Snow and Prizm Tungsten.

oakley vsco preset

In addition to the launch of the Prizm filters, VSCO and Oakley engaged VSCO community photographers — Nathalia Allen (Instagram: @amillionminds), Alex Strohl (Instagram: @alexstrohl) and Tiffany Tu (Instagram: @tifftuu) — to bring to life Oakley’s #OneObsession campaign by sharing images of what the #CantStop mentality represents in each of their lives – captured in Oakley Prizm VSCO Pre sets filters.

Check out more of their image library here!

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