THIEVE is back with probably the best thing that can happen to your ears all year!  Their highly anticipated sophomore album, EXTRA ORDINARY is out on iTunes now!

THIEVE are Andrew Davenport (AKING), Fred Den Hartog (Die Heuwels Fantasties) and new addition, Sheldon Yoko (also drummer for Die Heuwels Fantasties).

EXTRA ORDINARY – “Finding the extra-ordinary within the ordinary.”

Get EXTRA ORDINARY on iTunes here.

THIEVE loves collecting influences and taking little bits from different sounds – that’s where their name comes from.

This album was years in the making.  The different sounds and themes on Extra Ordinary represent the different stages in THIEVE’s growth individually and as a unit up to this point.

The sound of the album can best be described as “an eclectic representation of a wide variety of influences.”  They also call it Gutter Pop.

Track list:

  1. Wild Western Cape
  2. Children
  3. Slot Machine ft. David Thorpe
  4. Braindead
  5. Just to get by ft.  Jedd Kossew
  6. Idaho ft. Hunter Kennedy
  7. Bad Mood Rising
  8. Brother ft. Xander Ferreira
  9. How Do you do it
  10. Little apple
  11. If this was all up to you
  12. 45 ft. Francoise van Coke and Jedd Kossew

**Charisma made Audible.** 

The First Single – Wild Western Cape

They just couldn’t help being the cause of some great excitement when they released the first single from the album, Wild Western Cape, in February.

Watch Wild Western Cape now!

THIEVE’s Extra Ordinary Album Launch Tour in April 2016:

Thieve are taking Extra Ordinary good vibes on a launch tour that kicks off on April 3rd in Pretoria and ends up in Cape town on April 15th, so be sure to catch them in your city.

3 April: Park Acoustics, Pretoria

7 April: Texas Saloon, Potchefstroom

8 April: Rumours Lounge, Johannesburg

9 April: Arcade Empire, Pretoria

10 April: Goodluck Bar, Johannesburg

13 April: Aandklas, Stellenbosch

15 April: Manilla Bar, Cape Town


Twitter: @thieveband


Instagram: thieve_band


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