A unique, first in South Africa event that incorporates alternative sports under one action-filled exhibition. In September 2011, Riversands Farm will explode with disciplines in water, land, and air.

You want a healthy, fit lifestyle because life is too short not to. But if it means lining up for the treadmill every day, or spinning up a sweat until you’re spinning out of control, then how does this make living your life to the full? Face it, you’re bored – and you’re hungry for something different.

Enter Alt X Sports, an alternative sports expo that will take you on an adrenaline-filled trip that makes you the star.

Feel the wind in your face as you step out of a perfectly working aircraft from 10,000ft and plunge towards earth at 220kph. Taste dust as knobbly wheels grind through a single track. Take your body to new heights as you climb and jump in places unimaginable. Sport is not an alternative, it’s a lifestyle, and this extreme sports expo is all about giving you that experience. Whether you’re an action seeker, weekend warrior, fashion follower, adventure holiday planner, or casual day tripper, Come and make your sporting dreams come alive.

What you Can Expect

  • 6 Arenas: Open air arenas covering 28000m2. You are going to want to be in 3 places at once.
  • Demonstrations: Our top athletes showing off amazing feats.
  • Marketplace: Get the gear, sign up for a course, see what’s new.
  • Have-a-Go: You always wanted to… so now you can!
  • Workshops: Experts will give you the know-how and how to.
  • Give back: Help a future champion realise their dreams.
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