Mandala Project has been one of my first parties a few years ago and the De Hoek venue has been one I have been pretty much in love with from the start. With that being said, I have been anticipating experiencing the new venue ever since I heard about it and I think I can honestly say it blew my mind equally, if not, more.

Arriving quite late at night on the Friday, driving on the unstable road, we were a bit skeptical about what the venue might hold. As soon as we settled in and headed to the Hyperdrive dance floor, with the likes of Injest and Skarab, all skepticism was thrown out the door. With amazing psychedelic artwork decorating the rectangular space hidden among the trees, we were ready to start jamming until the early hours of the morning.

With pretty much NO sleep, we were extremely keen to explore the venue in daylight and we were pretty delighted with what we discovered. With the music starting again at 12:00 at the Viral Beats stage, we hid away from the heat next to the dance floor, which felt like a nature-lounge. Closer to 16:00 we moved to the main floor to be opened by Delphi and this is where shit started to get real…

With the stomping space even more psychedelically decorated by a collaboration of fantastic artists, more and more troops started gathering for a bit of sunshine stomping before night dawned.

From getting lost in vast spaces, being entertained by among other things, an amazing fire show…we returned to the dance floor again with Bruce playing a Solar Axis LIVE set that blew us away; we found a cozy spot right in front of course. By now the area has gained crazy little lazer lights all over, sure to entertain the partygoers.

After Bruce has made sure the rest of the early hours are set and ready to go, the most amazing full on experience followed. Three of the most respected ladies on the scene, Guapa Lee, Myzo and Ganeisha, played back-to-back hitting hard. By sunrise they sadly ensured my body to refuse to continue dancing to Biorhythm and Tune Raider.

After my forced power nap, we headed back to the floor just in time for Logic Bomb followed by another favourite set for the weekend for us, Headroom, with his fun-filled, bouncy beats.

Enjoying some crazy antics on and around the stomp space, with the likes of trying to hoola-hoop, running around and hunting for water, with some of the best fun in the sun. I would say this party is definitely on the top of my list for the season. With ample space to dance, lots of friendly faces sharing their love for a beautiful thing and probably some of the best sound and visuals at any party, I do not know if anyone could NOT have had a great time!

Thank you to the organizers, artists, DJ’s, producers and crew for having Groovy live up to its name. Until the next one, shine that love & light my fellow troopers!

-Zian Blignaut

pics by Demitrie Koutandos. To view more please go here.

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