The RedBull X-Fighters, for those born in a cave, is the most intense of all the RedBull extreme sporting events.  Taking place in Soweto this afternoon, it will be one of the highlights on the local extreme sports calendar for the year.

A simple concept to understand: take a few fearless and talented motocross riders; add a dirt track that allows for back flips, Table Tops, “superman” and massive aerial space. Add some insane prize money, and stand back for results, which are usually spectacular and far out of the ordinary.

With guys like Travis Pastrana, Danny Torres and Nate Adams making a full time career of the sport, it is easy to see why. Travis Pastrana has become a legend in the sport, being the first person to ever do a double back flip with a motorcycle – and land it. A

South Africa’s own Nick De Wit will be setting the bar high on the local tour, and all spectators are welcome to attend the free event. Make your way down to Soweto now to be part of what can only be an extreme amount of entertainment to feast your eyes upon!

Visit the RedBull site to check when they are going to be in a city near you.

-The Sandmann

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