The Mount Grace Country House and Spa

No longer just a feminine or metro-sexual fad, men are increasingly discovering the therapeutic benefits of spa treatments and it’s showing in the figures. According to African Pride Mount Grace Spa Manager Gillian Kureva there has been a sharp increase in the number of males frequenting the spa.

“The mens range of skincare products on our retail range accounts for five of the top ten sellers in the spa. Facials for men are also popular as we notice a trend for anti-aging/preventative treatments.” Kureva said.

She said there were several factors which were contributing to this trend at the hotel. Mount Grace Spa had realized that men were more comfortable in a spa environment when accompanied by their partners and had increased their double treatment rooms to nine. They had also worked on their spa menu to keep it simple with minimal explanations’ as men were not amenable to long winded flowery language.

Kureva said it was no secret that people’s lives had become busier and the result of this stressed modern day living was that most people were tired, suffered physical aches and pains and disrupted sleeping patterns. Spas in many ways addressed these issues by offering some soothing, healing and rejuvenation solutions.

We now get a lot of repeat business from men who once having discovered the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of the spa want to come back. “Apart from the facials the deep tissue and hot stone massages are well sought after by our male clientele who have more muscle mass and require firm pressure,” Kureva said.

The local spa business has continued to expand and according to the South African Spa Association “The health spa industry over the last 6 years has shown tremendous growth, not only in the number of spas, but also in the diversity of spas and spa therapies available.”

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