With Gay Pride Cape Town 2012 fast approaching, the big question on everyone’s lips is not what to wear but, where to go to perfect that pre-party physique.

Cast in Bronze – having an all over body glow is essential to looking and feeling healthy, however with skin cancer on the rise, sitting for hours in the sun exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays, repeated sun-tanning is no longer the solution.  Petticoat Parlour prides itself on keeping up with international standards and SunFX is the new healthy way of achieving that bronzed look. A professional salon spray tan made with 100% natural ingredients, SunFX combines highly purified water and natural bronzers with the purest  dihydroxyacetone (vegetable dye).  Containing no harsh chemicals, oil, parabens, alcohol and best of all, no odour or that 80’s orange tint, this wonder-tan is quick drying and will last through a pool party or two.

Understanding clientele’s individual needs and requirements is a speciality of the house and with Petticoat Parlour’s tailored ‘full hair service’, even the most risqué of outfits will benefit from a luxurious anointment of warmed wax to the chest, legs, back and arms whilst facial hair is also kept at bay, making it easier to apply that painted glamour.  Waxing is a quicker and far more effective means of controlling the “yeti” although Petticoat parlour’s expert consultants recommend threading to tackle wayward eyebrows and upper lips with results lasting up to six weeks.

Petticoat Parlour is one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets for personal pampering.  Set in the glamorous environs of a 50’s retro beauty spa but in the convenient heart of Green Point, Petticoat Parlour goes all out to cloak its discerning clients in the best of a bygone era.  If the sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe or the grace of Audrey Hepburn doesn’t draw you in, perhaps the grand leather pink booth, the milkshakes, soda pops and red velvet cupcakes will.



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