Cape Town based indie outfit, The Plastics, recently released their third studio album, IN THREES, for free download. We chat to them about it and a few other things they’ve  been up to lately…

Yclad: We’re excited for the new album, can you give us a little insight into the title ‘In Threes’ and what inspired some of the song lyrics on the album?

The Plastics: It’s taken from the title of a track on the album. It’s actually the first time we’ve done this. The number three just kept cropping up when we were talking about the album during the making of it – it’s our third studio album, and also the third official lineup in the band’s history. We also recently realised there are a total of 33 songs over those three albums! Lyrically there are themes of exploration and reflection, and there are a fair amount of references to nature.

Yclad: Can you each give me 1 favourite song in general and one favourite sing on the new album?

The Plastics: None of the Others and Walking the Cow are two I’m digging at the moment.

Yclad: Who are some of the coolest international acts you’ve opened for, and / or met, so far in your music career?

The Plastics: Two Door Cinema Club springs to mind. We also opened for Brand New and Twin Atlantic earlier this year, and played on the same bill as a few others on festival lineups.

Yclad: So you went on a European tour last year, how was that? Any funny antics to share with us? Any Scandal?

The Plastics: It was quite an experience for us, being our first time over there as a band. It was a nice challenge to be able to play to a crowd that largely weren’t familiar with our music. We were fortunate to be able to see some of the most beautiful cities in the world as well. No scandal worth mentioning, other than some passport misplacement issues.

Yclad: Tell us a bit about the Nouvelle Prague Festival?

The Plastics: It was our great honour to be invited to play at Nouvelle, by the organisers, after they saw us at Parklife festival in Johannesburg early last year. It is a music industry seminar and showcase festival where bands from around the world perform, and share ideas. It also happens to take place in a brewery, so the afterparties were quite something.

Yclad: And you won a studio recording session at the Studio 301 in Sydney? How did that go down?

The Plastics: That literally was a dream come true! It’s one of the greatest studios in the world, and so many of the world’s greatest have made music there. Converse selected us as part of the Rubber Tracks competition to record for a couple of days over there, and we tracked and mixed Walking the Cow there, together with a great producer called Hector Castillo. The slickness with which that studio operates is something to behold.

Yclad: I’m sure fans are itching to know when will you be touring again and where?

The Plastics: We’ll be taking a month or so off for the festive period, regrouping and hitting the road at the beginning of next year. Looking forward to playing for everyone again!

Yclad: When can we expect another music video?

The Plastics: There are a couple in the works…. Hopefully in the next couple of months.

[Photo credit Jason Paul Hermann]

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