PEDRO BARBOSA is a singer/songwriter hailing from Maputo, Mozambique. He released his debut solo album, REBORN in 2018 which received critical acclaim. PEDRO discovered his love for music at an early age, but until he was 20 years old never knew music would turn into a full-time career. He decided to pursue his passion and see where the road of music would take him. After returning to South Africa, he formed rock band Mrs. B, who released 3 full length offerings: The Devil In You (2008), The Milkshake Revolution (2010) and To The Sound (2012); the latter two through EMI/Sting.
“Crazy Love” received #1 and 2# place in the USA International Songwriting Competition, how did you come to enter and how did it feel to win such an accolade?
Well I heard about the competition through Cito from Wonderboom, and thought well let me try and submit a couple of songs and I submitted ‘Crazy Love Is’ and ‘Weight On Me’. ‘Weight On Me’ went into the semi-finals and we won best Love Song with ‘Crazy Love Is’ and placed second on Adult Contemporary. It was a great feeling to be placed so high in such a prestigious well known competition. I am really proud of the achievement.
Two of your singles are also finalists in the UK International Songwriting competition, when will you find out if you win and what would come of winning such a prestigious award?
We should find out towards the end of December 2019. If we win, we get to play the famous Live Aid concert in the UK as well as possible work with the famous Stuart Epps who has worked with bands such as Oasis, Elton John, Robbie Williams etc. I haven’t even checked what the other prizes are. I know that there has been some winners who got traction on UK radio which would be great for me as well.
Tell us a bit about JOURNEY TO REBORN and why it was 10 years in the making
This whole project from Reborn to Journey To Reborn was songs and a style of music that people didn’t know was in me. Everyone is used to the happy crowd pleaser Pedro. I wanted to release me, the inner me. so I released REBORN, and then I went back checked all these songs I enjoyed but never released because they were either to deep or didn’t place on other bands I played with, and I decided these must go out. Some of the songs weren’t finished so I had to sit down and finalise them and then do the pre-production etc. But for example Letter To Oblivion was a song I wrote for my late grandparents. watching my grandma fade after my granddad passed away. I never felt like that was a song for the public , that was for me, but I thought this might touch and help someone else so lets release it. That was the vibe for Journey To Reborn.
Where can our readers find your latest EP, Journey To Reborn?
Any platforms online, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer being the main ones. I also see on YouTube you can get the album these days.
Will you be performing any gigs this year and where can readers find the line-up?
Yes definitely. On Facebook and Instagram you can search for Pedro Barbosa Musician; we post the line-ups in the beginning of every week and a monthly one as well.
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