THE BREAK DOWN: Over the past 6 years MMD Records has been tweaking the synapses, and bending the mental cortexes with its trademark twilight sound, and the 14th January 2012 marks another year of total mind manipulation when MMD Records goes “Back To The Primitive”!

Assembling together a fine order of like-minded distorters, this year’s event guarantees to bring out those primal screams once again. We are proud to host our French manipulator Shehoor (MMD’s 1st original international DJ signing), who will be slamming his thunderous high energy nighttime psycho-delia live, and that’s sure to flip the dancefloor on its head! Also featured will be DJ Rex (Made on Earth) of Nano Records (Brazil), who makes his last appearance in SA before leaving on his next world trip, and is sure to leave a lasting imprint in your mind well after his set. With always keeping things fresh on our lineups, we will be debuting 2 slamming new live acts, including Luna (known for his pummeling percussion work on Biorhythm), along with Phl@tline, being the brain child of Tickets & Distant Touch (UK). So the stage has been set, the army of psy predators are present, the question is, will you be the prey? ROCK THE BODY…BEND THE MIND!!!

THE MANIPULATORS: LIVE Predators: • Shehoor (Terror Lab/MMD) France • Super Evil (MMD/Push) • Phl@tline (aka Tickets vs. Distant Touch-UK) DEBUT • Zion Linguist (MMD) • Deliriant (Nexus Media) • Luna (Of Biorhythm) DEBUT • Ironstein (Disasterpeace) • EMP (Alien Safari) • Critical Mass (MMD/Terror Lab) • Parana (Universal Dance) Electric Evening live Set • Zezia (Psynopticz) • Melodix (DEBUT) Psy-breaks DJ Mind Benders: •Rex (Nano) Brazil • Archive vs. Rubix Qube (MMD/Disasterpeace) • Wobblz (Alien Safari) • Frozen Ghost vs. Jester (Disasterpeace) • SwiTcHcaChe (Psynopticz/MMD) Daytime Set • Sonic (Afrogalactic) • Sway (Beartrap) • Psymatix (MMD) • Sarasin (Beartrap) Techno Set.

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