As Grietfest approaches we chat to some of the artists that will be bracing the stage and today we invite you to get to know more about Pretoria born Clement Phaswane, better known in the industry as Trancemicsoul, who performs on the Red Bull Live Stage at 4pm.

What makes a great producer/DJ?

I think no-one will never know what makes a great producer/DJ, but in my opinion it’s a combination of various aspects along your journey as an artist. We visualise things differently and also we come across different obstacles in our day to day basis as well. I can go on for hours trying to mention things like talent, vision, mental fitness (etc), but remember that not all great artists have that all in one basket.

What was your first ever gig and how long have you been in the industry now?

Honestly speaking I can’t really remember my first gig, and how it was like but I know it was around 2004/5. There were a lot of great parties happening around that time in the hood, and I would normally play opening sets. I can say I’ve been in the industry for 9 years now as an aspiring producer/DJ.

What has been your favourite show to date?

Mmmmh! Tough one I must say, but Sonar Festival in Barcelona. I’ll never forget that energy!

So you’re playing Grietfest this year, on a scale of 1-5 how excited are you and who are you most looking forward to sharing the stage with at the event?

Yeah! It feels so good to be playing Grietfest again. I give it all 5 hearts! I believe all artists on the line up have something special to showcase, so I’m looking forward to enjoying every beat per minute with friends and family.

How would you describe your style and who are some of your greatest musical influences?

Well my style is a fusion of electronic music with soul, be it house, techno, hip hop, downtempo (etc). I’m a very huge fan of music that has emotions written all over it. To be honest I usually get influenced by a lot of various sounds and artists, the past and present.

Checkout a video of Trancemicsoul at Sonár last year:

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