Synth Peter released his remix of TATUM’s “Fever” on 30th October through Bad Future Records. The intoxicating electronic track is a novel and previously unheard voyage into the dance music artist’s array of production abilities.

Synth redefines TATUM’s song “Fever”, taking it to new horizons with his throw-your-hands-in-the-air banger, filled with filthy basslines, immense drops and teasing beats.

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Synth explains about the song: “I first heard ‘Fever’ while driving around in my car. The song was playing on some radio station and caught my ear immediately. I turned it up, had a listen and actually thought that the song was by an international artist. As usual, I flipped out my Shazam and discovered TATUM. TATUM’s soft vocals and harmonies had me mesmerized and I was immediately inspired to remix the track. The moment I got home, I sent TATUM a DM on insta asking if she would let me try and remix ‘Fever’. She said yes, I got in my spaceship and started pushing the buttons.”

Speaking about the meaning behind the original poignant ballad, TATUM confessed “This song is about letting the wrong person into your life, about loving someone who is dangerous. Intense love can feel like a fever, but a fever is usually a sign of a deeper infection. It’s ultimately a kind of ruinous attraction. It talks about being sucked into a noxious relationship but because it looks so beautiful and the attraction is so powerful, it becomes an almost poetic and beautiful one-way ticket to failure.”

The original song by Tatum received press support from CLASH, Record Of the Day, LeFutureWave, among others and streaming services across the board including Spotify’s Chilled Vibes, New Music Friday SA, SAlt playlists, Apple Music’s New Music Daily, Future Hits and ALT CTRL and Deezer’s New South Africa.

Synth Peter adds: “Going into the remix I had no specific genre in mind, I just knew that I wanted to give the song attitude and power, while still honouring and preserving Tatum’s velvet voice. The remix is soft and playful but also gets down to business real quick with a filthy bass drop that has respect for no one.”

Synth Peter is a rising star in the SA Music scene with achievements including his debut album “Die Toekoms is Synth” reaching #1 on Apple Music’s Top 200 Afrikaans Albums and his latest single “Doef Doef” in the Top 5 Afrikaans Apple Music singles, as well as reaching #2 on Spotify South Africa Top50 Viral. “Doef Doef” holds the record for the highest entry into the KFM Top 40 charts ever at #11. The song also made history by being the first-ever Afrikaans song to enter the chart and has accumulated over 500k views in 2 months on YouTube alone. His second song ever released “Hier Om Te Dans” has accumulated over 700k views on YouTube alone and achieved gold status in September 2020.

It’s hard to deny that “Die Toekoms is Synth!” (The Future is Synth)

Stream “Fever (Synth Peter Remix)” on all platforms:

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